Silverfang Dojo

Ward 5, Plot 27

This Venue is a Partner of Endless Nights Events


The Silverfang Dojo is a Venue for all fighting and martial arts enthusiasts.
We offer immersive roleplay focused on training and story building for your character, trying to keep methods and techniques as realistic as possible.
We also want to help new players get a better understanding of combat roleplay, providing advice and assistance.

Rules for Combat and Venue

  • All Staff Members will have the "Meld Materia" Status on them. Please follow the staffs instructions when entering the Venue.

  • If you wish not to participate in Active Roleplay let us know by changing your Status to "Busy".

  • Be respectful to each other and don't cause unneeded drama.

  • The Yell Channel is reserved for announcements from the Staff.

  • For fairness each battle must have a referee present, which can be a third person both people have agreed on beforehand or a staff member.

  • Battles are only allowed on the gravel pit outside and the fighting hall downstairs. If both are occupied you will have to wait until the match is over.

  • Non-combatants besides the Referee are not allowed to enter the combat area while a fight is in progress.

  • Each player decides for themselves how much damage their character shows after a succesful Hit against them.

  • No Auto-Hits! Please try to be mindful that your partner can always try to deflect or evade an attack and form your Attack Post accordingly.

  • No ERP!


The Dojo's Head Instructor Ryoku Silverfang,
a Maelstrom Captain originating from the Steppe and adventurer who has settled down in Shirogane to share her knowledge on the forms of close combat which she has learned over the course of her journey.
Listen closely to her or she might send the whole building shaking.


The Dojo offers a different way of Combat Roleplay than what many on the Light Server might be used to, so please read through this explanation carefully if you are new to it.

Para-Form Combat
has both fighters pitted against each other without any further mechanics.
Instead both participants must rely on Out of Character discussion and their In-Character Abilities and Strengths to decide which party will ultimately win the fight.
Upon deciding who shall start one fighter attacks the other, trying to make their post as detailed as possible as to how and where they are trying to hit the opponent and so give them plenty of information to react on that when they are forming their own post and attack.
As before, once a participant has been hit a certain amount of times they will then perform a "Defeat", ending the combat.
This type of combat can be well-suited when wanting to develop your character, or when fighting an opponent which is ICly much stronger or weaker in skill or experience.
It also involves more trust and communication to keep the fight fair and exciting.